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How to Obtain a Work-Related Visa

Have you been selected for an employment position within the United States but you live in a different country? Or are you simply thinking that it would be best if you immigrated to America to find a job? Either way, you need to get your hands on an official work-related visa – a process that is notorious for being complicated to those not wholly familiar with immigration law and regulations.

If you need an employment-based visa, you can come to The Law Offices of Miguel Rivera, PLLC and our Annandale immigration attorney would be happy to help you. Ever since our law firm was founded in 2002, we have been proudly helping immigrants and their families navigate the immigration system and start new lives in the U.S. Contact us today and we can assist you obtain a work visa, a procedure that usually begins with figuring out which one is right for you.

Temporary Worker Visas

Many foreign citizens who come into America for work are emissaries, more or less, of their companies and are only expected to stay for a predetermined length of time. When this is the case, a temporary worker visa is necessary. Despite the transient nature of a temporary worker visa, they can still be difficult to obtain and require first that your employer file a specific petition or petitions to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Some commonly used categories of temporary worker visas include:

  • H-1B: Workers with a higher education degree in a specialty occupation.
  • H-2A: Agricultural workers from a specific set of foreign countries.
  • O: Individual workers with outstanding abilities or achievements in a specialized field.
  • P-2: Performers, such as a musician, actor, or other entertainment industry icon.

Permanent Worker Visas

The USCIS designates roughly 140,000 worker visas each year for people seeking permanent employment in the country. Standards are generally considered stricter for permanent worker visas, as you must prove that you are highly qualified for the position you are seeking through past job experience, education, and your own personal skill set. You may even be required to get in contact with the Department of Labor first and show them that you have a legitimate job offer that should last indefinitely, assuming the business does well.

Some examples of permanent worker visas include:

  • EB-1: Reserved for people with extraordinary skill sets in high-end professions.
  • EB-2: Set aside for those with high educational degrees; labor certification required.
  • EB-3: Skilled and valuable workers as chosen by employers; labor certification required.

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